KeroTech Industries
Fueling the Future!

Company Profile

With its roots originating from the Middle East, KeroTech Industries was recently established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve the regional and international market requirements for green petrochemical products. KeroTech Industries (KTI) would soon be proud to be the manufacturer and exporter of these Saudi products worldwide and by providing the global industries with a larger scope of supply to an environmentally friendly family of solvents and an increased value add onto their client’s productions. KTI would be making a substantial foot print in the international market as well as an excellent reputation with its clients.

Since being established, KTI has set up supply relations with the indigenous & respected companies in the relevant fields, by offering them the highest of quality greener products at competitive pricing. KTI has already achieved strong relations with a number of these entities and would also indirectly aid the ever changing world economies by increasing healthier competitions and new applications in a number of international business arenas.

When it comes to making business decisions, we believe that our ethical commitments are just as important as economic factors. Hence, we believe communication between ourselves and our clients is vital to the success of our business relations. Knowing our clients requirements and deadlines will help us to jointly plan and co-ordinate every process to precision, providing the client with a profound sense of surety and trust. By having these policies and ideals, KTI has already made long-term international ties and will continue to do so in the future.

Our success is the result of our focus on three factors; investment in local partnerships, the best product technology and an ambitious global growth strategy by strategically placing our product outlets in key places throughout the world, enabling us to service the world markets on their own doorsteps in North America, Europe, North Africa, Southern Africa, and the Far East.

KTI vision is to become one of the world’s forefront suppliers into these specialty fine Petrochemicals.

KTI mission is to responsibly provide quality products through innovation, learning and operational excellence whilst sustaining maximum value for our group of companies.


KTI values are with uncompromising integrity being our foundation we will inspire, engage, create and deliver.


KTI standards are that we will use our resources and talents to their best advantages by innovating, educating and using the latest in technology. This care for our people’s talents and resources is reflective of our standards. KTI prides itself on its integrity and we set for ourselves the highest standards in relation to business practices, safety and the care of the environment.